Louis Ducos du Hauron

Louis Ducos du Hauron invented color photography by taking the first "in the field" photograph of the cathedral of Agen in France in 1877. His theory, the so-called three-color technique is the core of today's digital printing. (The process he called heliochrome (natural color photography) carbon pigments was to take three photos using three different color filters - green, orange and purple. To reproduce real colors, Hauron was putting on negatives.) Louis Ducos du Hauron revolutionized photography. Thanks to him, the pictures gained colors. Inspired by his achievements, the Hauron team introduces a new, fresh look at doing business and data management. The colors that dominate the Hauron program make the system more intuitive, easier to use, and the "gray reality" of business processes ceases to exist. Employee statuses, labels for people participating in the project, icons and events when planning trips are given colors, thanks to which the program becomes transparent, more readable and instinctive. Colors are more than marketing. Different colors are rooted in the symbolism that science and psychology of color try to explain. They can become the most important elements of the project, if used properly. Using the knowledge of color psychology, you can make visual identification a tool for creating profit and not an accidental choice.
Red - creates a sense of urgency, danger and immediacy, serves to attract attention
Blue - symbolizes stability, confidence and also improves productivity
Bile - emphasizes safety, improves mood, increases creativity
Green - strengthens the sense of credibility and honesty, symbolizes growth Black - is associated with elegance, high standard, strength
White - means openness, honesty, peace
Violet - represents creativity, imagination, power and negotiation skills
Orange - defines determination, enthusiasm and encourages buyers to shop
Hauron, inspired by the innovative discovery of color photography, combines business, people and data in one place. It facilitates conducting business in an orderly manner and helps to enter modern company management.