Hauron Enterprise solution

Hauron provides a wide array of tools for managing company resources.

All of that so that your company can constantly achieve more.

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We've created the Enterprise service for companies valuing privacy and an individual approach to business. The Hauron Enterprise suite includes a dedicated system installation and an individual approach to all of the system's functional issues. Additionally it includes a set of service hours, a complete personalization service, and consultations.

Dedicated network infrastructure.

In order to increase the security of your data, we install the entire system under a unique domain and configure the software access levels. A dedicated infrastructure guarantees achieving an optimal level of the system's efficiency.

Dedicated account manager

Our goal is the comfort of our clients' work, that is why we want to ensure you with the access to all necessary system information. We will assign a dedicated Account Manager to your company, who together with our team is always ready to answer any questions you may have.

Consulting and training

Our team will help you to start using the system, starting with simple configurations and entering data, up to support concerning configuring business processes practiced at your company.

Technical support and monitoring

We constantly monitor the processes executed by the Hauron system, as well as the infrastructure's technical condition. Our technical department will ensure you the stability of the system's operation and factual support in order to guarantee the highest availability of the service.

100% safety

Our servers operate in a cloud which guarantees complete data security, constant archiving, and basically, unlimited efficiency. Configuring the software allows to limit the access only to trusted people from your team.