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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost depends on the monthly payment plan. In the case of the Enterprise Services Hauron costs are set individually.
We do not disable the accounts and do not limit any options Hauron. At the same time, however, the system can work as many users as there are licenses purchased. Subsequent users will not be able to log in and get a message that the maximum number of licenses has already been used.
You can terminate account at any time. To close an account login to your company and go to the Company Profile. Scroll down where the sekcja concerning unsubscribe or total removal of the company profile. Remember that when you delete your account, you will lose all data.
You can terminate your account if you do not own Company Profiles. If you want to delete your account at the beginning you need to delete profiles created by your company and then go to the User Profiles tab, where you can delete your account.
Hauron service is pay-as-you-go, ie not uwzględniamy returns with the exception of the complaint. If you cancel your account is another business account fee will be charged.
Hauron Enterprise is a solution for companies that want to keep the entire infrasturkturę services within their own company. Servers, services, and data stores are configured individually for your needs.
Substantive support and technical consultation are included in the package Hauron Enterprise. Individual approach to service configuration Hauron and processes in your company. We support local and remote in the seat of your company.
Hauron service has several mobile application that extends the capabilities of entry and processing of your data. Applications do not give a complete data management capabilities and require authentication of devices or users that log on to the company profile Hauron.
Yes. It is possible to implement service fees Hauron based on recurring invoices. This option requires the individual application and sign an agreement expanding conditions.

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