Management Tools

Discover all the features of the Hauron system that will facilitate your management management

You can organize the list of projects implemented in the company in a very simple way. Hauron allows you to specify access rights only for members of a selected project.
Never before has time recording been easier and easier to read. The weekly calendar of the Worktime module will allow you to quickly enter the working time.
At Hauron, you can control project costs using the Reports module. The tool enables flexible planning of activity in the project and controlling all expenses incurred during implementation.
Hauron allows you to generate income invoices. In one place you can collect invoices and assign them to relevant projects and contractors.
Are you preparing documents for the project or do your lawyers manage a large number of contracts? Use Hauron to improve document management.
Purchase orders
Process and control order documents in the Hauron system. Built-in tools will allow you to control the delivery times and completion of the services you ordered.
Managing the employee base in Hauron is extremely simple. Assign each employee to groups of their choice, specify in which department they work and whether they belong to other departments of your company.
A unique tool for managing employees in a rotational mode. The Rotations module presents data in the form of a large calendar. By choosing the projects you are interested in, you can put all employees in one place.
Documents in Hauron is a virtual secretariat, which receives files sent directly as attachments from emails or scans from multifunction devices. Organize files into groups, assign them to responsible persons and verify the status of work on them through the statuses of documents.
Many countries in the world have different holidays. The Calendar module will allow you to define all exceptions. Each of these calendars can be used in the module for managing the rotational form of work or for reporting to support project management.
Build your own customer and contact database. The Customers module is a place where you can store detailed information about the entities you work with.
Control sales processes and offer documents. Let employees and agents organize all documents related to your company's offer.