Online program for managing employees and projects in your company

Hauron software is a package of functional modules that facilitate control over document circulation, project management and controlling costs in your company.
Everything you need can be found in one place, accessible from every corner of the world.


Human resources

Keep employee data, attach training and improvement documents. Increase control over appointments by defining tasks to perform and reminders for them. It's really easy! In addition, you can organize employees into groups, assigned to the appropriate departments and departments of your company, and flexible filters enable quick search of pacifiers.



Company documents under full control

Access to documents has never been easier! With the use of the module you can quickly process documents. All you have to do is send them by email or scan directly to the Hauron system. you'll finally achieve order in your documents. Declare documents for relevant departments and people, specify the status the document will be in and, if necessary, combine it with other resources.



Project management

Hauron will easily allow you to manage projects. Project members can monitor work progress, gather necessary documentation and s et further project goals to achieve



Reporting project costs and working time

Hauron projects are reported in as much detail as you need. Separate all planned project activities using the reporting module. Add reports for each activity that will include material and service costs. Keep track of your work dedicated to completing tasks to plan your budget even more accurately in the future.



Control of teams working in rotational mode

Do your employees go abroad for projects? You will plan and control each of the projects requiring long-term delegations with Hauron! Create projects and assign your specialists to them. Plan their away work, buy tickets and organize in teams - all from one place which is the employee rotation module.


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