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Mon, 02 March 2020

Scanning documents by phone

Soon Hauron will be enriched with a new mobile application that allows you to scan documents using your phone. Thanks to this solution, problems with jamming paper in the scanner and dilemmas of where the document is after scanning will disappear. The phone application will allow you to scan any number of pages of a document and combine it into one whole in the form of a PDF file.

Mon, 02 March 2020

The new Hauron website has been published!

We are pleased to inform all our customers that the new Hauron website has just been published. Optimized for positioning, thought out and intuitive. We hope you like the site - we've devoted a lot of time and energy to looking after all the details.

Mon, 03 February 2020

Worktime mobile application tests

After a period of prototyping, we went to tests on a new mobile application that allows you to remotely record the working time of employees. The application will be available for download from the AppStore and Google Play stores in April 2020. If you are interested in joint testing, please contact us. We provide contactless identification cards for employees!

Fri, 10 January 2020

Artificial intelligence will help with invoices

With the new year, we are opening a new project that can revolutionize the processing of cost documents. Using artificial intelligence and text recognition mechanisms (OCR), we started working on automatic invoice recognition and entering them into the Hauron! System. Imagine the situation that after entering the documents to Hauron you will receive a ready statement for the execution of transfers and the documents themselves will be assigned to the appropriate customers. We want to achieve our goal by the end of 2020.